Mysterious Montagano building

One of my hobbies while I was in Molise was adding various landmarks to Google Maps. The locals are keen to welcome tourists, but one could easily assume many of these small Molise towns barely exist if you look them up online. I spent a few days tromping around Montagano adding various businesses and buildings, and now, not one, not two, but four Catholic churches are searchable on Google Maps.

But this building stumped me. It's on the hill, just outside the ancient city walls. It doesn't look like a home, but it doesn't really look like anything else. I got the sense that it was religious in nature--there's a Blessed Mary and child behind glass between the doors. I wondered if it might have been quarters for priests or religion students in the old days. I asked Lucia, the town historian, but she didn't know either. I took down the coordinates, so once she figures it out, I'll add it to the map.